Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sweet Music

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Just a selection of my favourite songs for fashion shows.

Lady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty Rich
Luxurious and edgy, perfect for any diva-girl collection. Fashion is such a money fuelled virus and i think this song really throws consumerism in your face.

Gean Vincent - Be bop a lula
This is a really quirky, old fashioned tune thatI'd love to see remixed! Its so light hearted and cute and always puts a smile on the face of models and audience. I've used this mainly for vintage style swimwear which worked really well with coy smiles and cute poses. Could work really well with alot of vintage, popart or child inspired collections

Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Many of the songs by Nine Inch Nails are great for catwalk shows. Closer has a really dirty industrial vibe that I love. Its toally inappropriate, crude and explicit but in an industry where everyone’s aiming to shock its perfect. I've used this with a military, androgynous theme but any sort of very outlandish collection could use this.

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