Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Something for the child in us...

Theres a part of every adult that never forgets Disney films, whether your young enough to have watched the first videos (remember them??) or remember introducing your children to the magic of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!

MAC cosmetics have just launched a new collection of Disney Villain inspired products! This is such a cool way to use Disney! With the goodie two shoes Princesses done over and over this is so refreshing!

The characters featured are :

Cruella DeVil – Fur loving diva from 101 Dalmations

Glossy red lips, lots of lashes and dark sultry eyes.


Maleficent – The spinning wheel wielding villain from Sleeping Beauty

Dark hooded eyes and shimmering magical colours.


Evil Queen – Snow Whites vain step mother!

Blood red lips and sharp cheek bones, eyes shadowed and eyebrows arched!


Dr Facilier – Voodoo Master From the new(ish) release - The Princess and The Frog

Exotic style eyes with circus shimmer colours!


All these collections still fit with current make up trends and create the same high quality chic looks that we have come to expect of MAC... with a playful difference!


If this doesn’t convince you then you could try Too Faced’s Enchanted Holiday collection that features fairies, pale blushes and cute girly palettes keeping your look light and cutesy!




Too Faced is available at Boots nationwide!

Whether you're a princess or a vixen have a fairy tale weekend!

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