Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Site Graphics - Previous work / Portfolio installment no. 1

If I am going to be working online I may as well publish previous work online. Its a shame that some one is bound to download, use and share. But please don't :)
Also, if you are lucky enough to be an employer and I have sent you this link please don't think less of me for my lack of professionalism, this is after all my own blog.

August Graphics
Brief ' Accessories'
I know, very specific.


A desperate attempt to tone down the bright red love hearts and sickening happy couples. Luckily this fitted well with soft pink spring trends.


The Launch
The first peek at the new homepage after a gruelling Christmas eve slog. These featured many of our designers to give a general overview of how awesome some of the FashionCapital designers are.

This blue image is my favourite. It was beautiful to start with then I worked my magic and ka-blam.

May - Spring has sprung
Simon Wang always provides FC with stunning images to use. The images enhanced here were from the Chinese Bizarre shoot. This was just a nice floaty theme. Chirpy.


Urban Summer
I don't really like this collection of images, its too colourful and crass but the brief was swimwear urban summer with a twist of the exotic. All images were from my business trip to Brazil for Minas trend preview. The fashion was stunning. In the UK we use daisies and roses in prints because that's what we see everyday but in Brazil even the ditzy girly prints feature incredible exotic flowers....


Another Urban Project
I loved doing this, so much fun playing with splashes, cut outs, amazing images and all sorts of urban structures. This was briefed as something young, and 'funky' (I HATE the word 'funky'). I reinterpreted this as messy, dirty, dark and sexy.


Autumnal Shades
Very generic fashion with a dash of crunchy leaves.

So... there you go. A large chunk of the graphics bits I've worked on for recently.
Coming soon....


Hire me?

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