Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Photography Bits

I first used a camera in a professional capacity when I was 15. I was studying art and my fathers involvement in photography meant I always had a head start when it came to equipment.
One September my father gave me his photographers pass, palmed me off has his assistant and sent me to London Fashion Week where I managed to blag my way into shows such as Gareth Pugh and Vivienne Westwood. Turns out, I'm pretty good at photography and I now freelance for this company :

Catwalk, catalogue, editorial. Its all good fun.

Weird stuff
Just bits that I have used in the past for work, myself, happy snapping.

I won an award for this one ^^

Never work with animals or children!
I shot images for an Am-Dram club - parents loved the pics of their little darlings.

Weddings are so much fun to shoot: meeting people, welling up during speeches and documenting some ones big day.

Being 'down' with the kids means that I get to meet some awesome people helping direct and shoot for promotional material. Not bad!

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