Monday, 18 October 2010

Here and There - European beauty brands for the UK!

Two cosmetics companies compared and reviewed – the companies are both based in Europe and are working their way into the UK.

These ranges are definitely worth checking out next time your topping up your make up bag!!

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a quirky range based in Berlin. The product packaging is what strikes you first, monochrome cardboard packages with white embossed flower outlines - very cute! The lightness of the products seem to be unrivalled by its UK contenders.


Rouge Bunny Rouge is an innovative and design-led cosmetics brand and was launched in March 2006. RBR combines the best of European cosmetics and design to create a brand with Victorian-style fairy tale and Tsarist aristocratic identity at its core. All products are not only decorative, but also nurturing cosmetics. All our products contain active ingredients and botanicals which have a positive treatment effect on the health and beauty of your skin.


Products that stood out were :
Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in ‘Essesence’.
This dainty liquid eyeliner has a subtle shimmer to it, with tiny pieces of glitter that don’t detract from the bold black, just add a lovely hint of glamour. The liner dries quickly, doesn’t smudge and lasts hours, even after sweating it stays in place!
RRP : £27.00


Naked Disguise Glide Concealer - Shade ‘Thalia’
This concealer crayon is perfect for touching up, the coverage is great, yet it is a very light product that just fits in nicely with the rest of your make up. It is perfect for covering up unsightly bags under eyes without looking too cakey.
RRP : £22.50


Milk Aquarelle - Liquid Foundation in Almond
The gorgeous cardboard tube that this foundation comes in is my favourite bit! The lid lifts off to reveal a frosted bottle with an embossed feather on the front, the foundation is another light product providing great coverage with out appearing cakey or feeling heavy. The liquid rubs in gently and is silky and powdery on the skin. Great if you don’t wear make up often and just want to smooth skin tone.
RRP: £47.00


Cheecks in Bloom - Blush wand in Goya
A stubby little stick of blush that’s a surprisingly good product! The blusher is easy to blend and sits happily on skin, not feeling sticky as some cream blushers are prone to be.
RRP: £28.00

I cannot recommend this range enough!!
Available to buy from :


Another European range, this one from Greece. Another range of outstanding products with funky graffiti inspired packaging, these more white than black. The Korres range cares for your face by using natural extracts so while your face looks beautiful your skin is happy and able to breathe!


Inspired by the intensity and variety found in nature – water, earth, atmosphere, minerals and plants, KorresColour introduces some of the most individual shades to create a complete make-up range. The colour pigments used in Korres make-up products are crystal substances that alter the visual properties of the formula to create a number of effects in terms of colour intensity, transparency and brightness. All Korres Colour products have been developed using natural emulsifiers, vegetable oils and waxes, herbal extracts and vitamins. Each product line combines natural ingredients through the use of advanced pigment and vegetable coating technology to ensure smooth application and excellent skin compatibility.

Four products that stuck out in this range were :


Mango Butter Lipstick in Fuchsia
On the box it states that this lipstick gives sheer colour and high shine. The lipstick feels slightly greasy when first applied, buttery like the name. The colour is intense despite the ‘sheer’ label and it stays vibrant even after drinking! This colour is fierce and perfect for a diva!
RRP: £15.50


Eyeliner Pencil in Metallic Grey
This pencil is so smooth, the colour is strong and shimmers beautifully, with current trends focussing on shiny gun metals and grungy dark eyes this eyeliner is perfect! To create the perfect smokey eye layer over the below eye shadow!
RRP: £7.00


Sunflower and Primrose Long wear eye shadow in Metallic Grey
An easy to apply velvety shadow that creates a smokey yet glamorous look. Apply thickly around the eye socket and highlight with the same product in Silver and line eyes with the Metallic Grey eyeliner for a sultry evening look. Smooth over your lids gently for more subtle - but still fabulously shimmering daytime appearance.
RRP: £11.00


Zea Mays Blush in Natural
Highlight your cheekbones gently with this bronzing blush. It’s so easy to over the top with a blusher but this light silky blusher applied just under the cheekbone creates a natural look with added glow! Summers over, and cheeks are less rosey, this blusher is a great replacement for sun kissed cheeks!
RRP: £16.50

Another incredible European range working its way into the UK market!

Available here :

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