Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Christopher O’Reilly – the House of Hannigan

The new collection inspired by and in loving memory of his father Keiran O’Reilly.

‘The Troubles’ with Belfast – It’s a Riot


Growing up in Belfast and moving in his teen years to Lisburn, it was hard for Christopher to not have heard of ‘The Troubles’. Moving to London at 18 to pursue a career in fashion Christopher was given an outside perspective on Ireland when returning – this is what he has chosen to represent in this new collection.

The Troubles was a period of ethno-politicalconflict in Northern Ireland which spilled over at various times into England, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland Europe. The duration of the Troubles is conventionally dated from the late 1960s and considered by many to have ended with the Belfast "Good Friday" Agreement of 1998. Violence nonetheless continues on a sporadic basis.

The principal issues at stake in the Troubles were the constitutional status of Northern Ireland and the relationship between the mainly-Protestant unionist and mainly-Catholic nationalist communities in Northern Ireland. The Troubles had both political and military (or paramilitary) dimensions. Its participants included politicians and political activists on both sides, republican and loyalist paramilitaries, and the security forces of the United Kingdom and of the Republic of Ireland.

Taking inspiration from Ireland’s famous natural landscapes the shapes and textures were influenced and formed. This softened current androgynous, sharp lines that came with the 80’s rebirth trends to create natural style lines. England provided inspiration of royalty and patriotism that’s obvious throughout the collection. Natural shapes and fabrics were given edge with recycled, crystal jewellery embellishment provided by OMYGOD fashion accessories.




The essence of the popular military and 80’s trends are very obvious in this collection without being overstated.

Draping features strongly in the collection alongside sexy corseting and models wrapped and rouched into flags.

This collection is gorgeous and so well thought out – an outstanding example of graduate talent.

Designer Christopher O’Reilly on his collection :

I feel my collection shows an unbiased representation of ‘The Troubles’. Hopefully through fashion I can show people that all of the influences currently present in Belfast can come together in some sort of beautiful harmony.

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