Wednesday, 20 October 2010

3 steps to getting what you want!

It can seem difficult in this turbulent time to get what you want – here are 3 steps for turning your dreams to reality.

1. Write down your objectives

If you can pinpoint exactly what it is you want and what you need help with then you’re more likely to find a solution.

Begin by writing the words: ‘I would love to…’ and make a list. Make sure that when you go over the list and elaborate on each point. Go over this list on a regular basis – keep it somewhere where you can regularly check it and see how your objectives are going!


2. Research your options

How can you achieve your ambitions? Research ways you could get to where you want to be, courses that you could take, jobs that you could do and people that could help.
Think of it as building your team - from family members, friends and colleagues.

Write down another list of everybody you know and their skills or good or points so you can work out who can help you.


3. Take action

It could be that you need help with starting your own business and know entrepreneurs who can advice, or even something more personal like developing you confidence.

Pair together your objectives and helpers. Then write our priority list of what you need help with first and start making phone calls or appointments.


Make a few copies of this list, keep one by your bed, one on the fridge and one in your purse so that you can read and re-read, the more you see your dreams on paper, the more real they will seem.

MY OWN OBJECTIVES! Using the above steps.... how personal!

Step 1 - Write down your objectives :
1. New Job
2. New shoes
3. Super hot body
4. Holiday
5. Happily ever after
6. New home

Step 1 - part 2 - Elaborate

1. New Job
I want to get a fabulous new job in the city, working in fashion(still) and the creative sector working on projects I know I’m good at, not being micro managed, giving a company great results, appreciation, great perks, fun staff, big company – a chance to grow and adapt.

2. New shoes
I just fancy new shoes as after clearing out my room and getting rid of around 20 pairs. This pretty much gave me a heart attack.

3. Super hot body
Size eight and toned. Sadly sitting at a desk all day means that my bottom is spreading!

4. Holiday
Go and visit people I’ve missed including my mother in Devon, Gemma and her puppies in Thailand, Travis in Bournemouth, Lorna in Ireland, Hattie in Kent, Daniel Vaudd some where classy, Hayley in the pub...
A week away to chill out and heat up in the sun with the boyf and/or flatmate. Just a chance to relax, drink and spend some quality time together – all phones off – totally forgetting the UK.

5. Happily ever after
This includes the big house, mortgage, family, dog and husband. This is a very long term objective.

6. New home
Later this month I am leaving my incredible flatmate and going to live out of a suitcase, bunk up with my boyfriend and utilize my father’s spare room. Its not ideal but its one hell of a cash conserver (and blocking ASOS on every single one of my computers).
I cant wait to move back out with my girly and my boy, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, close to some greenery, regular trains to London, nice area, clean, average size apartment that I can feel house proud over. (We’ll have a cleaner). Our current place is nice enough but mainly a bit of a state as I never really unpacked!

Step 2 – Research your options & Step 3 - Taking action!
1. New Job
English degree course to fall back on – have enquired
ACE course in dreamweaver, flash, indesign – improve current skills – enquired and reserved funds
Recruitment meetings
CV Spamming

2. New shoes, Office, Aldo... Carvella. Some one save me.

3. Super hot body
VIBRAPLATE – Did an intro. Course
Pole Fitness Dancing – Bought a course – Need to use it!
Fish Pedicure – Nice tootsies
Cycling with my daddy – when I lived with him before we rode 7 miles a day on a track!

4. Holiday
At end of month I will no longer be working full time so I will have time to travel to see the UK lot. Thank god. Plus train to Devon? £12.50!! 

5. Happily ever after
Complete all of the above first.

6. New home
Complete objective 1 first then work on this.

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