Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sweet Music

Asked to write this by :

Just a selection of my favourite songs for fashion shows.

Lady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty Rich
Luxurious and edgy, perfect for any diva-girl collection. Fashion is such a money fuelled virus and i think this song really throws consumerism in your face.

Gean Vincent - Be bop a lula
This is a really quirky, old fashioned tune thatI'd love to see remixed! Its so light hearted and cute and always puts a smile on the face of models and audience. I've used this mainly for vintage style swimwear which worked really well with coy smiles and cute poses. Could work really well with alot of vintage, popart or child inspired collections

Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Many of the songs by Nine Inch Nails are great for catwalk shows. Closer has a really dirty industrial vibe that I love. Its toally inappropriate, crude and explicit but in an industry where everyone’s aiming to shock its perfect. I've used this with a military, androgynous theme but any sort of very outlandish collection could use this.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I found my old Ipod mini last night, its still full of everything I listened to at 15
Love it!!

The first gig I went to aged 13!!! :) hardcore right?

2nd Album from the first band I ever loved. I was truly obsessed.

A little bit more grown up and started being influenced by what everyone else was listening to.

Love this video - still my kinda thannng.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Guilty Pleasure on a frosty morning

Love love love


Isn’t it shit when you raise up an event so high in your estimation, countdown the days and then its just a total let down? Something goes wrong, its never the way you imagine.

Parties, birthdays, Christmas... so bloody depressing.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ormonde Jayne - London Perfumery

Ormonde Jayne perfumery stands for a forgotten age of perfumery when it was considered an art – before the disposable fashion and consumerism hit the world oils and extracts were left to infuse for months before filtration, maturing and finally bottling.

Ormonde Jaynes philosophy is one of quality and luxury – the perfume library is exquisite with only the very best ingredients being used – many oils utilized are rarely used in the perfume industry today. To ensure that all the oils and extracts are perfect Ormonde Jayne regularly visits plantations worldwide to ensure welfare and quality.

As well as smelling divine, the Ormonde Jayne fragrances are beautifully packaged and the customer service is incredible – the decadent store is based just off Old Bond Street, London. Online orders are sent here to be wrapped and posted safely worldwide.


‘In creating Ormonde Jayne, my goal was to combine elements which I consider define true elegance: the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the sensuality and natural harmony of the orient’
Linda Pilkington, Founder

To get a feel for the scents the perfect set is the Discovery Gift set – a great gift for girls on the go as well as perfume lovers! Also, perfume is a very personal matter so this set could provide you with an easier option than guessing what a friend might want!


The discovery set is a set of 12 luxury mini perfumes – perfect to pop in your hand bag. There’s such a wide variety of fragrances in the set including scents from a Peruvian tree resin! Four of the office favourites were:

Ormonde Woman – The Signature Fragrance

This perfume is deep and dusky with a seductive edge. Black Hemlock Absolute is used in a larger quantity than traditional perfumes and this creates an unconventional, mysterious scent.

Top: Cardamom, coriander and Grass Oil

Heart : Black hemlock, violet and jasmine absolute

Base : Vetiver, cedar wood, amber and sandalwood.

Osmanthus – A fruity floral white flower from Japan and China
this fresh light perfume is gorgeous, very sweet and flowery with a citrus tang.

Top: Davana (sweet Egyption Herb), Pomeleo and Pimento
Heart: Osmanthus Absolute, water lily and Sambac (Indian jasmine)

Base : Cedar wood, Labdanum resin, musk and vetiver

Tiare – The emblem of Tahiti!

This perfume is created with the Tiare flower – the flower is hand picked whilst still open and then laid in oil for 15 days to extract the beautiful fragrance, this scent is divine. It is timeless and refined – a very classy scent for a very classy woman!

Top: Mandarin, orange flower and Sicilian lime

Heart : Tiare, freesia, water lilies, jasmine, Orris and Ylang

Base : Cedar, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patachouli, moss and musk

Champaca – A tiny orange flower from India

The champaca flower is related closely to the magnolia flower and is deemed sacred in the Indus Valley. The smell is a creamy floral which provides a womanly elegant tone. This flower is rare and provides a distinguished un-replicable perfume.

Top: Neroli, Pink Pepper, and Bamboo

Heart : Champaca, Freesia absolute and basmati notes

Base : Myrrh, green tea and musk

Discovery Set costs £42 which includes international shipping. Contains all 12 fragrances in 2mls sprays of EDP strength – includes the 3 fragrances for men


Ormonde Jayne medium candle
This candle smells incredible and diffuses a subtle scent through out the room. Also comes elegantly packaged in a festive red!
RRP: £38

Available from Harrods, flagship store Old Bond Street & Boutique 1 in Dubai. Also from online boutique

50mls of Eau De Parful £68 (25% parfum)

50mls of Pure Parfum £180 (30% parfum)

4 x 10mls Travel Purse Sprays of Edp £54

Very guilty pleasure

Ok, so this is as guilty as it comes. But its just so catchy!!

Loving - Guilt Free!

I love this song. A little empowering!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vampires and Screaming

His voice about a minute in.... does very odd things to me :)

Guilty Pleasure

Reminds me of school days and surrounded by work experience?
That's where I feel like I am.

Christopher O’Reilly – the House of Hannigan

The new collection inspired by and in loving memory of his father Keiran O’Reilly.

‘The Troubles’ with Belfast – It’s a Riot


Growing up in Belfast and moving in his teen years to Lisburn, it was hard for Christopher to not have heard of ‘The Troubles’. Moving to London at 18 to pursue a career in fashion Christopher was given an outside perspective on Ireland when returning – this is what he has chosen to represent in this new collection.

The Troubles was a period of ethno-politicalconflict in Northern Ireland which spilled over at various times into England, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland Europe. The duration of the Troubles is conventionally dated from the late 1960s and considered by many to have ended with the Belfast "Good Friday" Agreement of 1998. Violence nonetheless continues on a sporadic basis.

The principal issues at stake in the Troubles were the constitutional status of Northern Ireland and the relationship between the mainly-Protestant unionist and mainly-Catholic nationalist communities in Northern Ireland. The Troubles had both political and military (or paramilitary) dimensions. Its participants included politicians and political activists on both sides, republican and loyalist paramilitaries, and the security forces of the United Kingdom and of the Republic of Ireland.

Taking inspiration from Ireland’s famous natural landscapes the shapes and textures were influenced and formed. This softened current androgynous, sharp lines that came with the 80’s rebirth trends to create natural style lines. England provided inspiration of royalty and patriotism that’s obvious throughout the collection. Natural shapes and fabrics were given edge with recycled, crystal jewellery embellishment provided by OMYGOD fashion accessories.




The essence of the popular military and 80’s trends are very obvious in this collection without being overstated.

Draping features strongly in the collection alongside sexy corseting and models wrapped and rouched into flags.

This collection is gorgeous and so well thought out – an outstanding example of graduate talent.

Designer Christopher O’Reilly on his collection :

I feel my collection shows an unbiased representation of ‘The Troubles’. Hopefully through fashion I can show people that all of the influences currently present in Belfast can come together in some sort of beautiful harmony.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Here and There - European beauty brands for the UK!

Two cosmetics companies compared and reviewed – the companies are both based in Europe and are working their way into the UK.

These ranges are definitely worth checking out next time your topping up your make up bag!!

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a quirky range based in Berlin. The product packaging is what strikes you first, monochrome cardboard packages with white embossed flower outlines - very cute! The lightness of the products seem to be unrivalled by its UK contenders.


Rouge Bunny Rouge is an innovative and design-led cosmetics brand and was launched in March 2006. RBR combines the best of European cosmetics and design to create a brand with Victorian-style fairy tale and Tsarist aristocratic identity at its core. All products are not only decorative, but also nurturing cosmetics. All our products contain active ingredients and botanicals which have a positive treatment effect on the health and beauty of your skin.


Products that stood out were :
Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in ‘Essesence’.
This dainty liquid eyeliner has a subtle shimmer to it, with tiny pieces of glitter that don’t detract from the bold black, just add a lovely hint of glamour. The liner dries quickly, doesn’t smudge and lasts hours, even after sweating it stays in place!
RRP : £27.00


Naked Disguise Glide Concealer - Shade ‘Thalia’
This concealer crayon is perfect for touching up, the coverage is great, yet it is a very light product that just fits in nicely with the rest of your make up. It is perfect for covering up unsightly bags under eyes without looking too cakey.
RRP : £22.50


Milk Aquarelle - Liquid Foundation in Almond
The gorgeous cardboard tube that this foundation comes in is my favourite bit! The lid lifts off to reveal a frosted bottle with an embossed feather on the front, the foundation is another light product providing great coverage with out appearing cakey or feeling heavy. The liquid rubs in gently and is silky and powdery on the skin. Great if you don’t wear make up often and just want to smooth skin tone.
RRP: £47.00


Cheecks in Bloom - Blush wand in Goya
A stubby little stick of blush that’s a surprisingly good product! The blusher is easy to blend and sits happily on skin, not feeling sticky as some cream blushers are prone to be.
RRP: £28.00

I cannot recommend this range enough!!
Available to buy from :


Another European range, this one from Greece. Another range of outstanding products with funky graffiti inspired packaging, these more white than black. The Korres range cares for your face by using natural extracts so while your face looks beautiful your skin is happy and able to breathe!


Inspired by the intensity and variety found in nature – water, earth, atmosphere, minerals and plants, KorresColour introduces some of the most individual shades to create a complete make-up range. The colour pigments used in Korres make-up products are crystal substances that alter the visual properties of the formula to create a number of effects in terms of colour intensity, transparency and brightness. All Korres Colour products have been developed using natural emulsifiers, vegetable oils and waxes, herbal extracts and vitamins. Each product line combines natural ingredients through the use of advanced pigment and vegetable coating technology to ensure smooth application and excellent skin compatibility.

Four products that stuck out in this range were :


Mango Butter Lipstick in Fuchsia
On the box it states that this lipstick gives sheer colour and high shine. The lipstick feels slightly greasy when first applied, buttery like the name. The colour is intense despite the ‘sheer’ label and it stays vibrant even after drinking! This colour is fierce and perfect for a diva!
RRP: £15.50


Eyeliner Pencil in Metallic Grey
This pencil is so smooth, the colour is strong and shimmers beautifully, with current trends focussing on shiny gun metals and grungy dark eyes this eyeliner is perfect! To create the perfect smokey eye layer over the below eye shadow!
RRP: £7.00


Sunflower and Primrose Long wear eye shadow in Metallic Grey
An easy to apply velvety shadow that creates a smokey yet glamorous look. Apply thickly around the eye socket and highlight with the same product in Silver and line eyes with the Metallic Grey eyeliner for a sultry evening look. Smooth over your lids gently for more subtle - but still fabulously shimmering daytime appearance.
RRP: £11.00


Zea Mays Blush in Natural
Highlight your cheekbones gently with this bronzing blush. It’s so easy to over the top with a blusher but this light silky blusher applied just under the cheekbone creates a natural look with added glow! Summers over, and cheeks are less rosey, this blusher is a great replacement for sun kissed cheeks!
RRP: £16.50

Another incredible European range working its way into the UK market!

Available here :

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Something for the child in us...

Theres a part of every adult that never forgets Disney films, whether your young enough to have watched the first videos (remember them??) or remember introducing your children to the magic of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!

MAC cosmetics have just launched a new collection of Disney Villain inspired products! This is such a cool way to use Disney! With the goodie two shoes Princesses done over and over this is so refreshing!

The characters featured are :

Cruella DeVil – Fur loving diva from 101 Dalmations

Glossy red lips, lots of lashes and dark sultry eyes.


Maleficent – The spinning wheel wielding villain from Sleeping Beauty

Dark hooded eyes and shimmering magical colours.


Evil Queen – Snow Whites vain step mother!

Blood red lips and sharp cheek bones, eyes shadowed and eyebrows arched!


Dr Facilier – Voodoo Master From the new(ish) release - The Princess and The Frog

Exotic style eyes with circus shimmer colours!


All these collections still fit with current make up trends and create the same high quality chic looks that we have come to expect of MAC... with a playful difference!


If this doesn’t convince you then you could try Too Faced’s Enchanted Holiday collection that features fairies, pale blushes and cute girly palettes keeping your look light and cutesy!




Too Faced is available at Boots nationwide!

Whether you're a princess or a vixen have a fairy tale weekend!