Thursday, 23 September 2010

Vivienne Westwood

This year Vivienne Westwood's Red Label played it very safe with pastel colours turning to rebellious laddered tights, weird fitting dresses, a little bit of the 70's and finally bold metalics. Even though this collection was the most groundbreaking it was still so beautifully made and gorgeously styled - oh Vivienne, when will you notice that I adore you? Iwanttobeviviennewestwood.

Going Retro - You know this is NOTHING like what Viv was wearing in the 70's!!

Weird fits

Totally average summer tones.

Ballsy Metalics

I think its hard to love Westwood - the ultimate punk shocker - youngsters try to copy her for years then she pops up on TV telling us to stop using aerosols and leaving the TV on standby - its a toughy. The fact that her shows have become celebrity status parades, tickets are like GOLD DUST! (I found one on the floor in the press room once - if you're flippant enough to lose one you don't deserve it in the first place!!)
So anyway... back to the symbol that Westwood has become - its not even about the fashion any more is it?

I can't help but want a little status symbol....

So... if you want to buy me something nice... that would be lovely.

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