Saturday, 18 September 2010

On that trip.....

Just a point that I feel like making today…

Power trips always come back to kick you in the arse. This guy in the press room is obviously on a total power trip - he works behind the coffee counter and has a lanyard that says ‘CONTRACTOR’. He makes coffee.

My god, when I arrived this morning lunch was just being put out and this guy was fussing around, arranging the 2 shelves that store the cups, mini chocolates, spoons and various other highly fragile items. So he’s shouting at this poor foreign woman ‘don’t move things around, this box is here for a reason, don’t be moving stuff around!’ it’s a meter square area to quench the thirst of journalists but you’d think it was a fucking operating theatre.

Once all the lunch was laid out he says to the little lady ‘do not serve this food until I SAY SO’ … so what happens? A horde of vulture like hungry journos jump on the food and she tries so hard to say ‘no, no its not ready yet!!’ the cold pasta and bread isn’t ready yet.

The press complain, they queue they moan, they blame the server for the bad timing, the weather etc. Eventually the food is served and over, press still grumbling that they had to wait for their daily bread and the server carries on steadfastly while power boy fusses around picking up rubbish, practically ripping half eaten meals out of the hands of unsuspecting consumers… maybe this trip is just OCD?

Look at him, giving advice, cockily leaning against the counter, casually grand hand gestures support his directions to use the wi-fi and find a cold drink. Tosser.
Now for the fun arse-kicking part.

I innocently decide that its time for a cup of earl grey so I approach the counter where the lovely server lady smiles and asks what I would like, ‘A cup of earl grey tea please’ I reply. The power trip cuts in ‘I’ll get that for you’…server lady obviously isn’t as skilled in the art of hot water + tea bag. ‘why are there two flasks of hot water? Why aren’t they labelled… this is wrong’ shit, two flasks of hot water, that’s pretty much heresy.

ANYWAY I ask servy lady for a napkin (my nose is a little runny - bloody air con) and as my tea is served and napkins handed to me there is a colossal crash and splash and my innocent cup of earl grey is splattered all over the power lord.

‘Keep your eyes open!’ yeh… nice come back loser.

And therefore, power trips are gonna come back and kick you in the arse at some point.

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