Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Week Day 1

The day begins with the usual introduction from BFC chairman Harold Tillman, welcoming the fashionistas to the prestigious 6 day event. This year the layout has been changed again, for the better! The press room is bigger and further away while the coveted photographers lounge space is tucked away from prying wi-fi seeking eyes. The wi-fi as always is temperamental, swinging between average and hopelessly slow.
This year LFW is teaming up with On/Off at the Bloomsbury Square as well as Vauxhall Fashion Scoutt at the Freemasons Hall, Covent Garden and a new addition is the Sony with Music Moves Fashion. This is based on the terrace of Somerset house and featured various unknown artists searching for the spot light. Apparently this is just some light entertainment for us lazy journos because fashion just isn’t enough for us. What ever, Sony! What ever!

There is the usual mix of important press and self important hangers on in over the top outfits even Jodie Marsh would think twice about. The MAC booking roster is full, Toni and Guy is full and the wait for a free cup of coffee at peak time is around 15 minutes - for filter coffee. Seriously?
Fashion wise, already there have been some fantastic fashionistas spotted - Lady Gaga fantatics with big black replica sunglasses and Gareth Pugh wannabes covered in safety pins and tatty leather. Its fair to say the men make more effort than the girls these days - the men have obviously thought deeply about their totally trendy outfits that set off their ridiculous trendy haircuts. I think us ladies are way past caring, I myself have opted for a grey jersey skirt (cant beat H&M basics…£2.99? that’s what I call clever shopping) a darker grey v-neck, unladdered tights (for now), my favourite fur coat and my favourite cosy boots - by cosy I mean Dc Martens, of course. The first fashion weeks I worked were a test of ‘how good do I look today’ as entering the location trend hunters armed with SLRs jump on the most fashion forward attendees. Needless to say, today this was not me.

Shows this morning so far were Paul Costello, Maria Grachvogel and Prophetik….

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