Saturday, 18 September 2010

LFW 18th September 2010 - Betty Jackson

The 80’s are over guys, its all about the 70’s.

Big sunglasses, gentle curls, and lots of beige. Laser cut, mesh leather made a huge appearance with accessories in black and white, shoes that made a statement were low wedge strappy sandals. These were teamed with beige ankle socks.
The colour palette began in muted stone shades making up soft shapeless shifts and frayed, tasselled knit. This morped into summer brights, solf silk dresses and high waisted cigarette trousers. Vintage style patterns were rife in swimwear as well as outerwear. Light summer garments were teamed with big round brightly coloured sunglasses - all this 70‘s style was broken up with spangling jewel coloured bibs and necklaces. Towards the end of the collection the colours returned to muted greys and blacks and feathers trimmed jackets and trousers.
Over all this collection was blast from the past, modernised and gorgeous.

TRIP! Strappy sandals and a leather laser cut bag clashed tragically half way through the show - as the bag strap got tangled in a models legs, around a shoe strap which presently broke and had the model plunging towards the floor, the remainder of the outfit was lopsidedly but determinely limped down the catwalk as a rumble of hushed murmours rolled around the auditorium. It was a crying shame to see this happen to such a brave pretty girl!!

Skinny bitch ;)

Jemima Daisy

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