Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Flip-In Hair - Extensions made easy!

Hair extensions are generally considered a total pain.

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I did a very in detail survey (asked around the office) and 3 out of 5 girls said that extensions are ‘tacky as hell’ unless you’re Jordan and can afford to pay £6k for them. Hair extensions are generally also difficult to put in, covering your hair in clips, Velcro, glue... nightmare.


Luckily there is hope yet – i have discovered FLIP-IN HAIR. Flip-in hair literally takes 1 minute to put in your hair and less than that to remove.


A think length of human hair is attached to a nylon wire that fits on top of your head, every pack comes with a comb that you can use to pull your natural hair through from underneath. Because the extensions are made of human hair they can be straighted, curled and dyed with out causing damage!

According to the company’s MD, “we import the hair from China and it is ethically sourced in accordance with government regulations.” – this is a relief as so much human hair is sourced unethically.

See how its done...

I wore my set of 20 inch extensions on Thursday night at The Collection – Fashion Week Special.

I went for a messy beehive and split the extensions between a messy flowing section and added the other section to the up do.


Here is a photo of my hair in exactly the same style a week before but with out the extensions- its a huge difference!


I was very lucky to get a set in my colour as my hair is hideously over bleached. Before putting the hair in I chopped a few layers into them with a pair of thinning scissors so that the legths would blend.

These really are an amazing addition to any party girls outfit. They are so comfortable and easy to wear and remove, no hassle and no fuss!

TO find your nearest stockist go to :

The longest set retails at around £120 – well worth the money as these can be worn over and over again with out replacement when other strip extensions become tatty quickly. For your money you get a free consultation, styling and fitting and the hair pieces come in 33 shades and varying lengths. It’s a winner!

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