Friday, 5 March 2010

Danger!! Pervs On Gumtree!

I was looking for a flat mate, so I put up my email address, a picture of the room and a (classy, non-suggestive, friendly) picture of myself. With in days I have had at least 10 requests for drinks, bottom spanking and a host of filthy pictures.

Most of these I just hit delete (after showing the funny ones around the office) but one man seems to be CONVINCED that my self and him will hit it off great.

An overview

Email 1 : How do you feel about living with a 45 year old male? DELETED

Email 2 : Shall we go for a drink? DELETED

Email 3: Come on lets go for a drink etc.

Polite reply: I'm not interested so no thanks.

Email 4: what do you have to lose, lets go for a drink.


I dont understand the persistance? Unless i'm the victim of this guy :

God, Internet predators.

1 comment:

  1. yep i have an ad up for babysitting and a guy just sent me a picture of his bits 2nd guy asked me for a massage third giy wanted to come ova