Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Birthday. The Wish List

This is for friends and family. I am too lazy to print anything out.

This is my wishlist. Varying prices and I will add to it.
Infact I might just keep a constant wish list incase anyone fancies treating me :)

An Ipod Nano - £100-£150

Of course I would love a fancy new Ipod Touch...

Preferably 16 GB ♥

These Shoes!!

I have been looking for these every where! Size 8 :)

or these...


Skins Series 4 - BOUGHT THIS MYSELF. Sorry, couldnt wait.

Hello Kitty Double Duvet Bed Spread - Argos - £30

Obscene Amounts of Alcohol
This sort of gift will always go down well with me.

People say that gift vouchers are a crap present but... I don't mind them.
So if you are feeling lazy please get me some vouchers for either boots or

Click here to view details

I have recently discovered a passion for Dr Who. Box set please :)

I am very excited that summer is on its way and can't wait to revamp my summer wardrobe!
All about the florals!

If any one even dares say they dont know what to get me I'll screw!

I will doubtless add more because I am a greedy bitch.
But for now...
Happy birthday to me!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mothers Day

Chances are, this soon after Christmas mummy is still desperate to shed the Christmas pounds and flowers last a week tops. So lets be a little bit original this year!

Photo moments

For the sentimental – something she can keep and look at everyday.

DiaryBasic - Photo frame - with a lovely picture of memories involving your self and your mother.

If you wants to up the ante try a digital photoframe and add a selection of great pictures from family occasions and holidays.

Intermediate – Photo album – buy a gorgeous photo album and fill it with all your favourite pictures. Or just buy the album, a prit stick and let her do it herself.

Difficult – Photo montage – Most developing shops now do all sorts of cute accessories that you can combine pictures with but my favourite by far is PhotoBox. Here you can create anything! From the simplest cute mug to photobooks, personalised calendars and huge photo montage wall hangings. I think the diaries are the CUTEST!

Days Out

Basic – A day shopping in London with lunch or tea in one of the fabulous department stores.

Stop of for lunch or tea in the kitsch Liberty's cafe or something a bit more exciting go to Selfridges and see which of their many bars, cafes and restaurants takes your fancy! To check out your options go to :

OrbingIntermediate - Spa Day – the Sanctuary in London offer a range of open datevouchers for spa days. Just book your day and take your mother for a relaxing massage or facial!

Difficult – All over the web there are great ways to make a day a little bit different. Is your mum a chocolate lover? Take her to a chocolate making workshop or an exciting fun filled activity day. do an amazing range including orbing, rolling down the Sussex hills in a huge inflatable ball at speeds up to 30mph!



Accessorize won the Cosmo Fashion Award for accessories this year and have a great range of gorgeous bit and bobs to give to your mother, and if you cant be there in person a gift in the post is just as nice!

paperchaseFor your busy working mother go to Paperchase. A tried and tested stationer with gorgeous products to spice up any office! Diaries, pens, notebooks and all sorts!

I can't give you any advice on clothes... your mothers taste is probably nothing like my pink, sparkle obsessed mother's, but if you want to get your Fashion Friendly mother something designer and gorgeous take a trip to the Bicester Village. There's huge discounts on brands such as Hobbs, Jaeger and Hugo Boss.

Food lovers will love a Harrods hamper! Honestly... you can never go wrong with a trip to Harrods!

If this is all a little bit too much then go to Marks and Spencer. The have a fabulous range of make up as well as flowers, hampers, gifts and cards.

Spring will be here (eventually) so why not put a selection of seeds and cute gardening tools, like these from Liberty, in a basket with a card if your Mother is the green fingered type!


Traditional flowers will do the trick as long as they are beautiful! do a huge range of flowers for delivery.

What ever you do this Mothers Day, traditional or not, remember to tell your Mum you love her!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Gallery!

The Health And Beauty Gallery – Launched!

This morning we launched a brand new section to the FashionCapital lifestyle gallery.

The health and beauty gallery. In the health and Beauty gallery you can see some of our favourite make up artists. If you are a make-up artist and want your work featured please send a short bio and some work to be considered to


Another section is the 'Recommended Buys' gallery.

This is sorted by price range.

'Cheap and Cheerful' – Under £10 for a quick fix!

'Pay Day Products' – Between £10 and £20 - Products to splash out a little on at the end of a long month!

'Investment Products' – Over £20 - High end brands to lust after and invest in.

You will be able to rank and comment on these products! If you love a lipstick let us know!

If you have any products or work you feel should be in this section please email:

Monday, 8 March 2010

New Health and Beauty Gallery at

I am blessed with the job of trying out new beauty products and have compiled a gallery of the best bits we have recieved so far.

So if you have any make up needs please go here :
And have a browse.
It will carry on expanding with any luck.......

Friday, 5 March 2010


Pretty much everyone has one...

Follow me here :

The Cosmopolitan Fashion Awards

Cosmopolitan Fashion Awards 2010

Kensington Roof Gardens. What a morning.
Starting at 8.30am its impossible to comprehend how these fashionistas look this good every day! Mental.
We rock up looking.... not our best and feast on tiny cut up cream cheese bagels and mini croissants. Miss the presence of vino on these sorts of do's. Not the same without a steady flow of cheap alcohol.

Anyway... the winners were :
Hottest Partywear – Karen Millen
Personally I have never bought anything to party in from here. I have looked at their ranges and they are nice, but more yuppy diva/lets go pull a rich business man than cutting edge fashion. But to each their own and their designs are lovely.

Best Workwear – Dorothy Perkins
Not surprising, cheap and functional. Workwears a pretty universal thing for women and DP provides great (cheap) tailored jackets, trousers etc as well as cute colourful seperates to mix up the average boring grey/black/white uniform.

Sexiest Lingerie – La Senza
Urgh, what a surprise. Ok, La Senza arent bad but they are just so mainstream and generic. You wear a bra from there and you know who ever your sleeping with has seen the exact same one on another conquest, in a bigger size... sods law. Also a point to mention, a MAN collected the award! Wearing skinny jeans, with dreadlocks! Mental.

Most Ethical Retailer – People Tree
I would have thought Oxfam or somewhere should get this. Surely its far more ethical to buy second hand than buy something new but 'ethically made'? I don't buy ethical. My mother does it enough for everyone.

Sexiest Heels – Faith
Faith do have some VERY sexy shoes. No contest. Although Aldo are pretty good too... just a little more expensive. And no one seems to remember Aldo like they do Faith. Faith has a great price range too.

Best for Bags – New Look
WHAT?! I have NEVER bought a bag from New Look, I wouldnt even consider it! I use New Look for cheap shoes and basics. Havent even set foot in one since December and that was for work!

Best for Jewellery – Accessorize
Understandable. Nothing really needs to be said here.

Loves Your Curves – Evans
Of course, with Beth Ditto on board and some truly sexy styles how could they not win? I think ASOS Curve will be competing for this next year. Saying that... ASOS curve havent quite mastered the sexy styles yet.

To-Die-For Denim – River Island
YES! God, River Island denim, affordable, sexy styles, great fit... only problem... their sizes arent great for the vain though. I would like jeans to be sized by word rather than numbers. Demins on its way out, Jeggings are the way to go!

Sexiest Must-Flaunt Sportswear – Nike
Only time I do sport is cycling a few miles after work. In leggings from Primark and an oversized tee. All Nikes ad campaigns are gorgeous though. They have got a great balance between hot and sweaty.

Best for Bargains – Boohoo
So true, but bargains? They come hand in hand with some crap quality. Some bits are ok and I do have a selection of Boohoo dresses and shoes in my collection. At least it wasn't Primark!

Lust-Have Designer – D&G

God, did people just think of the first big name they can remember? Yes. Obviously.

Best for One-Stop Shopping – Next

REALLY?? The only thing I have ever bought from Next was a duvet cover as a gift. Online. Oh and online? They dont tell you that your not actually paying for your item. You are setting up a credit acount. I dont do loans or credit. Free money is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AND TOO TEMPTING!!! Nearly got my self an extra percentage of debt. Not impressed Next Direct.

Best for Watches – Guess

Nuff said.

Online Retailer of the Year – Asos

There is not a week that goes by in the office without an ASOS delivery. Really... I am funding the credit crunch through ASOS.

“Cosmopolitan’s mantra is ‘being the best you can be’ and for most women this is about looking good and feeling confident,” said Justine Southall, Publishing Director of Cosmopolitan. “Our readers buy us for our fashion content and as a result we have increased the number of, and investment in, our fashion pages. Our style content combined with our dedicated Fashion Awards feed directly into this and provide our readers with the ultimate guide to the best retailers across the market from the hottest party looks to the best workwear and designer brand.”

Highly commended were also awarded to:
Hottest Partywear – Warehouse
Best Workwear – Oasis
Sexiest Lingerie – Ann Summers
Most Ethical Retailer – M&S
Sexiest Heels – Aldo
Best for Bags – Debenhams
Best for Jewellery – H Samuel
Loves Your Curves – New Look
To-Die-For Denim – Diesel
Sexiest Must-Flaunt Sportswear – Adidas
Best for Bargains – New Look
Lust-Have Designer – Guess
Best for One-Stop Shopping – House of Fraser
Best for Watches - Swatch
Online Retailer of the Year – Topshop

Oh and the goodie bags were pretty sweet. Early issue of next months cosmopolitan, thorntons chcolate, disney print tee, rollasole shoes, anti-aging pills, hair-mergency kit, bits and bobs make up wise. Not too shabby!

Any thoughts on any of my babble...? Let me know :)

New Graphics on

In the spirit of keeping new and fresh looking we are changing the graphics once a month.
So, to photoshop! With the use of some of our fabulous designer images. ( I created our new urban chic graphics.

They are all water marked because although I know there is no one listening to my babble some one one day will find this and use it to their own ends. And that is just not cool.


What do you think? Let me know (Y)

Danger!! Pervs On Gumtree!

I was looking for a flat mate, so I put up my email address, a picture of the room and a (classy, non-suggestive, friendly) picture of myself. With in days I have had at least 10 requests for drinks, bottom spanking and a host of filthy pictures.

Most of these I just hit delete (after showing the funny ones around the office) but one man seems to be CONVINCED that my self and him will hit it off great.

An overview

Email 1 : How do you feel about living with a 45 year old male? DELETED

Email 2 : Shall we go for a drink? DELETED

Email 3: Come on lets go for a drink etc.

Polite reply: I'm not interested so no thanks.

Email 4: what do you have to lose, lets go for a drink.


I dont understand the persistance? Unless i'm the victim of this guy :

God, Internet predators.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


A few words to introduce myself.

My name is Jemima Daisy and I work for .
I am currently working mainly on fashion reports and graphics.
But there is lots I can do...
Eventually, the plan is to be an art director or a house wife.

You may contact me, if you feel the need.

F.A.Q - Via email
Q. Do you want to go out for a drink?
A. If my boyfriend can come and kick your arse.

Q. For £150 an hour will you dress me in a nappy and spank me?
A. For that rate? No.

Q. Where is this picture from?
A. Anything that isn't my own material is from a FREE STOCK IMAGE SITE.